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ASP Dot Net Web Development – The Developers’ Choice

.NET Development – Most extensively used programming language

One of the most extensively used programming languages for websites is the ASP net development. The term ASP stands for Microsoft latest version Active Server Pages technology. Widely admired by the web development community, web developers are utilizing this technology to create and develop attractive, effective and dynamic websites, XML web services as well as web applications. Some of these include customized software applications, database management, e-commerce solutions, product development, etc. Like other programming languages, asp.net too is a fully featured programming language that could be tailored to produce dynamic websites as per clientele requirements. A reputed web development India company offers its professional expertise in creating some of the most technologically advanced customized web development applications as per business needs.

Web Application Development

Most of the web application development prefers asp.net for website development on account of the following technical reasons.

* Facilitates development of large applications.
* It is much easier to write pages in asp.net since it offers source code and html in combination.
* Execution of source code on server is critical in providing power and flexibility.
* As server saves compiled version, it is possible to compile the source code quickly on the first request.
* More in-built security of the application source code on account of its configuration.

In addition, asp.net is a server-side technology in which, before sending it to the browser, the code is used to execute on the server directly and the code that is sent back to the browser is html instead of asp.net code. Asp.net has thus, effectively served the net development world ever since 2002.

The team of engineers, consultants, web designers and developers is professionally qualified and highly experienced to deliver the best as well as the latest in industry. Besides, all asp.net web development applications are reasonably priced too.

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.NET Training Ahmedabad


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