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VB.Net Programming Delivers Reliable OOP Features

The first modern computer was developed in 20th century AD, even though similar types of equipments were also invented mean while. Gradually day-by-day the technology developed and at present the IT market is surviving with the most powerful super computers. The man found that to run a computer it needs programs to run the system which carryout by a central processor. So many high level languages introduced to work and integrate the user defined features on his working environment. Among them VB family is one of the major invention from Microsoft. The .net features with existing VB has been driving drastic changes with this web development era.

Visual Basic .NET provides the easiest, most productive language and tool for rapidly building Windows and Web applications. Visual Basic .NET comes with enhanced visual designers, increased application performance, and a powerful integrated development environment. .Net software is developed by Microsoft for windows operating system. The .Net Framework offers a wide range of flexibility to work with web application development, network communications, user interface, data access and database connectivity. VB.Net is a part of .Net which is popular as an object oriented programming language and implement on .Net Framework.

VB.Net programming language offers various features as inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation and comes with additional features of converting the application of VB platform to VB.Net. The language supports many work environments like web applications, windows, mobile applications, office applications. And also supports creation of applications for wireless, Internet-enabled hand-held devices. The following are the features of Visual Basic .NET with .NET Framework 1.0 and Visual Basic .NET 2003 with .NET Framework 1.1.

o Powerful Windows-based Applications
o Building Web-based Applications
o Simplified Deployment
o Powerful, Flexible, Simplified Data Access
o Improved Coding
o Direct Access to the Platform
o Full Object-Oriented Constructs
o XML Web Services
o Mobile Applications
o COM Interoperability
o Reuse Existing Investments
o Upgrade Wizard

Here author is no stranger to Software industry (.NET Programmer), having spent 10 years as a Software engineer and a Project Manager, which taught him the importance of VB.NET Programming.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1634798

.Net Training, VB.NET classes

Visual Basic .NET


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