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Why ASP.NET Supersedes Classic ASP Web Development?

ASP.NET Web development Services

The net development service has been increasingly accepted and is sought after. There has been a tremendous rise in different techniques with new features being added to newly created websites. The progress of these techniques makes structuring much more user-friendly and creating websites that are very attractive. A software company believes in using state of the art technology such as ASP.NET web development to help serve its customers better. It provides software and domain solutions for businesses eager to start hosting their own websites.

How NET Development is better Than Classic ASP

The ASP.NET made such a stride on its precursor – the Classic ASP that newer versions of Classic ASP were discontinued and the development of ASP.NET took off. Various companies and software firms welcomed the.net technology to create ASP web development web pages and were able to provide more user-friendly websites. While the ASP Classic can still be used as a simple platform some of the finer points of ASP.NET are discussed here.

1. Stability: The ASP.NET is not vulnerable to application crashes experienced with ASP Classic. So the programming achieved through ASP.NET would be much more stable.
2. Language support: The ASP.NET development is not restricted to VBScript and Java script as is the ASP Classic. Programming languages such as C# enable to generate sturdy, full bodied and highly interactive applications.
3. Compilation: ASP.NET compilation of codes supersedes the line by line compilation of ASP Classic. ASP.NET compilation of web pages result in.Net classes which allows consecutive pages to access the previously compiled code. Errors and inefficiency is greatly reduced saving time and labor for ASP net development.
4. Scalability: Using ASP.NET makes updating and changing the components of web pages in real-time without needing to restart the web server. The recently introduced ‘XCOPY’ deployed model of ASP.NET takes the credit for this leap in convenience. Formerly updating web pages in ASP Classic applications required shutting down and restarting.

The tools and features of the ASP.NET web development are helping professionals to achieve more stable web applications. Extremely feature-rich designs of newer websites serve businesses from all walks of life and cater to organizations throughout the world.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4737294

.Net Training, VB.NET classes


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