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Attractive Features of Dot NET Framework 3.5

.NET is blessing to the web developers all over the world. It is an excellent platform for development and running software applications. Today, a number of internet-centric business organizations use web applications and software developed by using .NET technology. It supports number of programming languages and allows developers to create application in an efficient manner. Moreover, the CLR (Common Language Runtime) of the framework provides essential functions including security, memory management of the computer and handling errors, when necessary. Till date a number of .NET versions have been introduced such as .NET 1.0, NET 1.1, NET 2.0, NET 3.0, NET 3.5, NET 4.0 and .NET4.5. Out of all these versions, .NET 3.5 has gained immense importance among the web developers. Take a look at the following features of .NET 3.5 and make a decision to implement it into your business operations:

* It supports Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to enable developers to develop service-oriented applications.
* The Windows Forms in .NET 3.5 allows users to independently make changes to graphics, background color etc within the websites.
* It supports the exiting CLR Profiler (memory profiler) available on the .NET framework.
* Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) in this version includes data query capability to C# and VB .NET.
* The expression trees in .NET 3.5 enable to describe language-level code in the form of data.

The client applications feature in this framework helps users to define the authenticity of user roles and application shared over different servers. In order to provide improved security, the framework has been updated with new cryptography classes to verify and fetch information related to ‘Click Once’ applications. Therefore, this version of .NET helps web developers to create powerful and flexible web applications.

If you want to get web application development services over this framework, then consider contacting .NET specialists employed in software development companies. Some offshore web development companies are known to have dedicated web developers and programmers to develop web applications by using different versions of .NET. You can consider outsourcing your web application development projects to offshore companies and can expect to get best solutions at affordable rates. As your business has specific objectives, you can ask them for custom web application development services to meet your specific business requirements. The best part of outsourcing your web-based projects is that you can focus on other business aspects while getting your projects done on time and in an efficient manner.

.NET is the most preferred technology among the online business entrepreneurs. Besides implementing .NET 3.5, you can also think about adopting other versions of .NET Framework.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6304483

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