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Dot Net Framework – A Comfort for Asp Net Application Development

Computer started changing the world just after it got into use. Today computer industry cannot be defined using words due to its vast use in large range of field. Every component is important either its hardware or software. Software development is more dynamic and growing field with great prospect in future. Microsoft is largest software company in the world. Microsoft has delivered large range of products in the market from Operating System for desktop to mobile, software for desktop to large servers and many more. Microsoft is continually working with dedicated and highly professional developers to develop efficient and cross platform product both for user and developer. Dot net application development is one such cross platform framework and asp.net application is vastly in use all around the world for web application development.

Platform independent products are the main focused area for Microsoft to compete in this competitive environment..NET from Microsoft is one such environment which gives programmer piece of mind about the compatibility issues either it is related to hardware or software..NET environment is based on Common Language Runtime (CLR). In reality this is a collection of various technology and its development tools. Basically in past it was used for web based development. But in present.NET framework is use for large variety of application development.

Large collection of library in.NET provides great flexibility to implement his or her imagination with any programming language. It gives you an option to develop either non-GUI or GUI program very easily. Using asp.net programming web based application can also be developed which use XML base services.

Many companies in India are involved in the development of asp.net applications based projects. ASP.NET projects from all around the globe are outsourced to Indian company. Mainly Indian company charges their client on the per hour basis or project specification basis. Some time client hires complete team in India and makes payment on the monthly basis. These types of projects are of high costing and long term running projects.

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